Arizona Elite Bootcamp

Even Superman, the man of steel, needed to exercise. Where do you think all that talk about racing trains and leaping tall buildings came from?? That was his training plan.
Seriously though, not all of us are Superman. But, I doubt there is a doctor, nutritionist, or any other health practitioner out there who wouldn't say that everyone could benefit from an appropriate exercise regimen. Let's face it, some serious sweating caused by a good cardio or weight workout is just what our bodies need to keep us healthy. Listed below are just a few of the numerous benefits of regular exercise that have been identified by researchers. Remember, maximum benefit comes from a routine of 30+ minutes, 4-5 times per week.
- Weight loss/maintenance
- Reduced body fat/inches
- Increased energy levels
- Reduces stress
- Improves overall health (lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure)
- Improved sleep
- Improve endurance and lowers susceptibility to injury
- Help with hormonal changes


BootCamp Training

BootCamp (Group) Training has many health and additional benefits for each individual in the group, and for the group as a whole. When you engage in group training you have a built in support system that will provide you with a wealth of encouragement and motivation for continuing with your group training. This can be especially helpful for those really challenging days when you just do not feel like exercising. You can return the favour by being a motivator to the others in your group training class when they need a friendly nudge to continue with group training. You can get into some friendly competing with the other members of your group training for even further reasons to continue with your fitness routine.

Moreover, group training lets you measure your progress against the progress being made by the other members of your group training group. Measuring your progress against the progress of someone else could tell you if you are on target with everyone else or lagging behind for some reason. Your group trainer will be looking at the group's progress, among other factors, to help in evaluating your individual progress. You should feel comfortable approaching your group training personal trainer though if you feel that you are not making as much progress as the rest of your group training group, and perhaps just some individual tailoring to your group routines will be all that is required.

AZ Elite Bootcamp will save you money as well. Our rates compared to personal trainers and quality over other bootcamps will offer a discount you can't afford to pass up.  If you do get a discount on improving your health because you have chosen to gift yourself with the benefits of our Bootcamp, do not run to the ice cream shop after your workout concludes and spoil the health benefits gained through exercising.

The benefit to AZ Elite BootCamp encompasses benefits to both your emotional and physical health. BootCamp training fosters greater self esteem. On your own, you may not push yourself and immediately assume you cannot do an exercise suggested by a personal trainer. But upon seeing the others in your training camp performing the suggested exercise, you will realise that it is not as impossible as you first imagined. Realising that "if they can do it", "you can too," will make you feel better about yourself and your abilities. And regular exercise increases your physical health, for a healthier, happier you.